Discover why a growth mindset always wins

Attitude is anything! If you beat yourself up when you make a mistake, if you have had ideas and you see other people running similar businesses, if you go through challenges and realised you could have done better had you just taken a minute to think through them in a different way, then, this course is for you.

We will teach you how to develop a growth mindset, the secret sauce behind the stunning success of legends like Oprah Winfrey, Elon Musk and Nelson Mandela among others.

Let go of the limiting beliefs that stop you from growing and developing. Self-criticism can make you feel like your own worst enemy. Especially after a setback, the resulting fear of making another mistake can leave you feeling paralyzed. Or perhaps you want to make your perfectionism work for, rather than against you. You need an approach that will help you tackle tough challenges. Start this course today and begin building a brighter future.

Course Details

Course Details

  • Modules: 13

  • Level: Starter

  • Price: 35

Course Content

Our approach is practical & relatable.

We've developed this course based on working with youth and women across the globe. The techniques we share aren't just good in theory. We share strategies you can implement immediately so you can change the course of your life for the better.

Thus, this is a course designed for people who want to become doers. This is not the course for procrastinators.
  • 1

    Your Mindset

    • Unit 1 - What is a Mindset?

    • Unit 2 - Fixed & Growth Mindset

    • Unit 3 - Knowledge Check

    • Unit 4 - Your Mindset: Self-Assessment

    • Unit 5 - Change Strategies for Your Mindset

    • Unit 6 - Action Plan for Changing Your Mindset

    • Unit 7 - Additional Resources

    • Unit 8 - Summary

  • 2

    The Growth & Entrepreneurial Mindset

    • Unit 1 - Entrepreneurial Mindset & Growth Mindset

    • Unit 2 - Entrepreneurial Characteristics

    • Unit 3 - Improving Your Mindset

    • Unit 4 - Developing Your Entrepreneurial Characteristics

    • Unit 5 - Summary

After completing all the lessons in this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the limitations imposed by mindset, and how mindset limits or accelerates people’s happiness, success and way of life.

  • Identify some of the traits an individual already exhibits, which are commonly shared among successful entrepreneurs.

  • Understand how to strategize to reinforce facets of one’s mindset that are not full developed, understanding when to use one type of mindset over the other based on the situation an individual is dealing with.

  • Build strategies on how to identify people, team members, co-founders and partners who fulfill one’s traits to make sure that the project, initiative or business they are working on has an all round team.

  • Be aware of how “growth” and “fixed” mindsets affect your entrepreneurial journey.

  • Identify the key strategy to develop your best mindset for this journey. Pinpoint the most common characteristics of a successful entrepreneur.

  • Learn strategies that will help you develop your own “best entrepreneurial characteristics” and how to make up for the ones which might be lacking.

  • Establish the foundation and mentality for successful entrepreneurship.

  • Understand the relationship between mindset and performance, and how these work together for success.

Our course is designed to help participants overcome difficulties and procrastination. Participants get to understand why they might not make the decisions they need to make the changes necessary in their lives and their communities.

Course Developers

Founder & CEO

Norman Musengimana

“Each one of us was born with a unique gift. It is our role as a community to help each other identify and maximize its full potential, and the impact that gift has in our communities around the world.”
Norman Musengimana holds a Master of Management, Innovation & Entrepreneurship from the Smith School of Business at Queen's University, Canada.

In 2018 Norman founded BizSkills Academy Inc., a social enterprise that encourages young would-be entrepreneurs in underserved communities to test and launch their start-up dreams through BizSkills' virtual incubation programme. The framework of this idea was conceived through his previous ventures in East Africa. It came to life through the master's program at Queen's University.

A good education can open doors into the Corporate and Academic world. But Norman's experience, growing up in East Africa as a Rwandan refugee, didn't point in this direction. BizSkills is Norman's way of enabling under/unemployed youth into becoming the solution for their communities, creating start-ups which address local needs through modern systems. Today Norman lives in Kingston and is an active member of the entrepreneurship ecosystem through his work at the Kingston Economic Development Corporation. 

Course Writer

Achama Isaac

“Creating a bigger footprint”
Achama is a lifelong learner. She has always been passionate about education but didn’t become a teacher until 2007. She presently works as an online English teacher. For the previous 25 years, she had worked in Corporate Finance with some of Canada’s leading firms: Petro Canada, Corel Corporation, and EDS Canada.

She has worked on a diverse range of international educational initiatives, which have taken her off the beaten path, through Africa, Asia, and South America.

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